Packout & Storage

After water or fire catastrophies with extensive property damage, there will be a need to protect property which is salvagable, restorable or protected from theft. Packout & Storage is the process and service of protecting and storing personal property while a residence or office is being cared for by a professional restoration company such as Unique Restoration. Property which is often protected with this service would include electronics, computers, entertainment items, keepsakes, family photos, antiques, furniture, among other items. Another reason for contracting a Packout & Storage company may be to protect property from exposure to the elements or to allow workers to do their job during restoration.

The process of Packout & Storage will include:

Property Inventory and Organization
Professional Contents Packing
Careful Contents Transport
Protected and Secure Climate-Controlled Storage
Insured and Bonded Storage Provider
Client Access to Stored Property and Contents

The damage of your personals and valuables can be emotional and devastating. It is advised to insure the protection of your belongings to pack and store them while your residence or office is being restored. Packouts can be extensive or simple depending upon the value you have on your property, but Unique Restoration always suggests the Packout & Storage service for our clients.