Mayfair Hotel, Los Angeles, California

Southern California has many historic and interesting places and the Mayfair Hotel in downtown Los Angeles ranks as one of them. The Mayfair Hotel was built in the rah-rah days of the 1920s and over the years has become a landmark of Los Angeles’ past filled with real movie stars, business leaders and even gangsters. Unfortunately, the Mayfair fell victim to a fire causing damage to many floors. UR was called to help restore the Mayfair to its former glory.

As with every project we perform, UR passionately went to work. Unique Restoration served the hotel with emergency fire and water services. We arrived moments after the accident and quickly began taking care of the needs of hotel staff members. In all, UR worked on ten hotel floors, a ballroom and its adjoining offices and kitchen, and also helped to repair the hotel’s famed lobby. Nearly 100 Unique Restoration workers contributed to restoration of the Mayfair Hotel.

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